Top Considerations When Adopting a Parrot

lonely parrot

While parrots are exceptionally interesting animals, some people may find them more challenging than they initially expected. This is because parrots are wild animals by nature – they are not considered as domesticated animals like cats or dogs. Even when they are bred in captivity, most parrots today are, at a maximum, only a few generations removed from their native habitats. This means that they still have a lot of the survival instincts and social behaviors of their counterparts in the wild. If you are thinking about having a parrot for a pet, here are some of the top considerations that you have to keep in mind.


At present, there are more than 350 species of parrots. If you are looking to adopt a parrot, make sure that you research about and carefully learn the care and behavioral needs of the parrot species that you are thinking about adopting. You may also need to make some adjustments in your lifestyle to ensure that you will have a successful relationship with your new pet..

Incorporating a Parrot into Your Home

bright green parrotIf you have pre-set conceptions about what your parrot will be like, it is best to abandon them now since you are likely to be disappointed. This may also lead to your subsequent neglect for your bird. Unless you and every member of your household are prepared to accept, respect and care for your parrot precisely as she is – cuddly or aloof, talkative or silent, shy or personable, funny or reserved – you might want to think twice about adopting. If you are adopting for your child, it may not be the best idea unless you are the one who is primarily responsible for the safety and well-being of the bird.

Adopt, Do Not Buy

If you are still set on getting a parrot, make sure that you adopt one from a parrot rescue organization. To find a parrot rescue organization near you – you only need to search online to find numerous sites that provide a wealth of useful information and recommendations on many parrot-related topics.